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Personal Accident Insurance

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Personal Accident Insurance offers complete financial protection against accidental death and accidental physical injuries. The personal insurance covers permanent disability, temporary total disablement, medical expenses, hospital confinement allowance, funeral expenses, and offers life support benefits. Being the best personal accident insurance Kenyan company, we provide affordable solutions to provide family security and enhance the overall well-being of the customers. We offer 24/7 support service and customizable coverage at a lower premium.

Key Benefits Of Personal Accident Insurance

  • Provides coverage for policyholder’s employment loss
  • Easy policy renewal through online
  • Coverage for loss of eyesight, limbs, and in case of permanent partial or temporary total disablement
  • Insurance for children’s education cost
  • Support for ambulance cost

Why Do You Need Personal Accident Insurance?

Support for Physical Disability

Due to a sudden accident, we have seen that many people become temporarily or permanently disabled. The disabilities are of various types. It can be disabilities of hand, foot, or both hands or feet, or can be the loss of eyesight, loss of hearing, etc. Dealing with these unexpected worst situations is difficult and financial support for the treatments and medical expenses is much needed. Our personal accident insurance in Kenya offers necessary aid if the policyholder approaches the insurer with a claim and will receive compensation for the loss.

Important Hospital and Treatment Expense

Personal insurance helps you to deal with the major hospital expenses and other treatment expenses. It includes hospital bills, medical treatment charges, and other miscellaneous expenses. In the case of policyholder demise, the family gets the financial support to cover the repatriation charges, ambulance charges, and funeral expenses.

Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification Benefits

If you have suffered a loss and are using a wheelchair for transportation, and in case of suitable modifications, the policyholder can ask the insurer to compensate you for the changes. This financial support can be facilitated through a personal accident insurance claim. Being a top personal accident insurance in Kenya, we offer personal insurance plans that provide support and assistance under any conditions.

Death of the Insured person

Under this situation, the compensation will be disbursed to the family. If the policyholder has children, the policy offers support for their education. The insurer pays 10 % of the insured amount or the institution’s real tuition fee, whichever is lower.

Family Transportation Costs

If the policyholder is hospitalized more than 150 km from the home, then the personal accident insurance helps your family and all transportation costs will be reimbursed.

Personal Accident Insurance in Kenya

Personal Accident Insurance is a policy to cover individuals and groups from the physical injuries and financial loss. It covers among other things death, Permanent Disability, Temporary Total Disablement, accidental medical expenses, funeral expenses, hospital cash, artificial appliances.

This type of cover is a hybrid of two products, life insurance and medical insurance as it caters for bodily injuries and also covers pure financial indemnity to the insured in form of death and disability benefits. Insurance premiums for PA insurance policies have duration of one year and insurance premiums are paid annually.

It is mandatory to have a Personal Accident Insurance coverage as it provides financial coverage if you are met with a sudden accident where bodily injuries or total/partial disability or death is occurred because of accidents. JIA is the best insurance company in Kenya offering you the right Personal accident insurance policies. Personal accident insurance will protect you and your family members in case of emergency situations offering hospital charges, financial security, etc. incase of accidental risks.

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