Personal Accident Insurance in Kenya

Personal Accident Insurance is a policy to cover individuals and groups from the physical injuries and financial loss. It covers among other things death, Permanent Disability, Temporary Total Disablement, accidental medical expenses, funeral expenses, hospital cash, artificial appliances.

This type of cover is a hybrid of two products, life insurance and medical insurance as it caters for bodily injuries and also covers pure financial indemnity to the insured in form of death and disability benefits. Insurance premiums for PA insurance policies have duration of one year and insurance premiums are paid annually.

It is mandatory to have a Personal Accident Insurance coverage as it provides financial coverage if you are met with a sudden accident where bodily injuries or total/partial disability or death is occurred because of accidents. JIA is the best insurance company in Kenya offering you the right Personal accident insurance policies. Personal accident insurance will protect you and your family members in case of emergency situations offering hospital charges, financial security, etc. incase of accidental risks.