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Education Insurance

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Best Education Insurance in Kenya to Meet Your Educational Needs

Jaza Pay is the best education insurance company in Kenya offering the best education insurance policies that provide financial security and support your child's education. Correct investments in education insurance policies save the future of the child. Being a top education insurance company in Kenya, Jaza Pay offers various education insurance policies that support the educational needs of the students.

Jaza Pay is the leading education insurance company in Kenya offering affordable education insurance policies specially designed to offer an amount of education cost for the education of your kids till they reach the age of 18 years or above. These funds help to offer financial security to your child’s future educational requirements like paying college fee, hostel fee and illness expenses. Under this education insurance plan, a student life will be assured, while parents will be the insurance policy owner.

Key features of Education insurance

  • Avail full fund value of your education insurance plan
  • Helps to meet your child’s education goals
  • Offers an assured sum value upon maturity
  • Long term benefits and even useful for student hostel fee, illness, etc.
  • Guaranteed sum assurance in case of sudden death.

Different types of education insurance policies we provide

Endowment policy

Endowment policies are much similar to a bank account which offers all the education insurance benefits. Education insurance policy seems much like an insurance policy in many ways but is created specially to ensure the future educational requirements of your children. In investment-linked policies you can invest the funds and still maintain coverage. As a reputed education insurance company in Kenya, Jaza Pay offers suitable education insurance policies that help in the education of your children in the long-run.

Investment linked policy

Under investment linked policy, well-performing funds can earn special rewards and benefits to be paid when the plan reaches adulthood. It is very expensive to maintain investment linked policy whereas endowment policy generally costs less. Most of the customers prefer endowment policy over investment linked policy as it costs less. Jaza Pay is the best insurance company in Kenya that provides both endowment and investment policies according to the customer needs.

Education Insurance in Kenya to Secure Your Children's Future

Education Insurance Plans in Kenya are mainly useful to take care of your savings for securing your children’s future. As a parent, one of your most essential goals is to ensure that your children are going to have a bright future and lead a comfortable life. These education insurance plans in Kenya can support you in achieving this by making good savings for the higher education of your children at any reputed universities.

Our education policy allows you to plan for future expenses and secure your child’s education - no matter what happens.

Saving for education made easy

Let us help you to start saving for your child’s future today.

Education is the greatest gift we can give our children. That’s why saving for their university or college education from as early as you can is becoming more important than ever.

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