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Health / Medical Insurance

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Being the best medical insurance Kenyan company, we offer affordable medical insurance plans for health-related issues and injuries. Good family insurance helps you with expensive treatments, post-treatment appointments, charges for medicines, etc. We provide family medical insurance to keep you away from the serious financial drain and help you to prepare for the worst of health emergencies.

Importance of Medical Insurance

Being one of the best medical insurance companies in Kenya, we offer medical insurance benefits of reimbursement of medical expenses in case of a medical emergency.

  • Provides cashless treatment
  • Covers for pre and post hospitalization charges
  • Covers the transportation charges
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) will be paid to the policyholder if no claim is filed for any treatment in the previous years
  • Provide options for free medical checkups
  • Covers for room expenses
  • Tax benefits

Different Types Of Medical Insurances We Provide

Individual health insurance

The medical insurance policy covers the health-related expenses and hospitalization charges of the policyholder. The premium is charged according to the age of the insured person, medical history, and the respective sum insured under this scheme. Since the plan is comprehensive coverage, the premium is slightly higher.

Family medical insurance plan

Under this family insurance, the policyholder can include other family members having multiple illnesses under a single cover. The family insurance includes a fixed amount for the members of the family that can be used by all members or by a single person in the family.

Maternity medical insurance

Our medical insurance covers costs for pre and postnatal care, child delivery expenses, ambulance costs, etc.

Senior citizen medical insurance plan

As we are one of the leading medical insurance companies in Kenya, our policy offers protection and financial support for senior citizens or individuals over 60 years of age regarding health issues.

Surgery and critical illness medical insurance

Our medical insurance provides support for the treatment charges against critical illness such as cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, paralysis, etc.

Personal accident plan

As we are the best medical insurance Kenyan company, we also offer medical insurance covers for hospitalization expenses regarding accidents.

Best Health Insurance Company in Kenya

JIA is one of the best health insurance companies in Kenya offering coverage against medical expenses, critical illness, cashless claim benefit, tax benefits, etc. The major advantage of having health insurance in Kenya is to have good medical care during any emergency situations without any burden on your financial situation. As a top Health insurance company in Kenya, we offer perfect health insurance policies that offer coverage against life-threatening diseases like bone marrow transplant, stroke, loss of limbs, etc. Once the illness is diagnosed from your policy, you will be given a huge amount as per your health insurance policy. You can use this amount for your daily expenses, hospital charges, medical charges, ambulance charges, treatment costs, and any other financial needs. JIA is a top health insurance company in Kenya which lets you focus more on the recovery of the patient rather than worrying about the hospital expenses, etc.

Peace of mind comes from knowing you and your family are covered and protected by the best health insurance cover. We offer various medical plans to cover inpatient and outpatient from reputable medical insurance providers to suit your need.

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