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Best Motor Insurance in Kenya

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We are the best car insurance Kenyan company offering customized motor insurance policies to safeguard against accidental damages, vehicle theft, and safety against third party legal liability for bodily injury and property damage. We offer easy, transparent and quick processes with no hidden conditions.

Major Features of Motor Insurance

  • Covers for man made activities such as burglary, theft, damage due to accidents, etc.
  • Covers for CNG/LPG fuel kit
  • Motor insurance policy against natural calamities such as flood, storm, earthquake, landslide, etc.
  • Offers stress free travel
  • Easy renewal and maintenance

Key Factors Affecting Car Insurance Policy

There are several elements that affect the motor insurance premiums that you must be aware of to make necessary decisions

Cover type

A comprehensive policy that covers both insured vehicles and also a third-party would attach higher premiums as against its third-party counterpart.

Geographical location of your residence

One of the critical factors that affect is the area of residence. The chances of accidents and vandalism would occur more in metropolitan cities.

Safety features in the vehicle

As we are the best car insurance in Kenya, if your vehicle is equipped with additional safety features such as a GPS tracking system, anti-theft devices, etc., we consider those efforts and the premium changes accordingly.

No Claim Bonus

It is a reward for or the insured person for not making any claim in the previous years.

Types Of Motor Vehicle Insurance Policies We Offer


We offer the best comprehensive car insurance in Kenya that includes cover for repair and replacement of the insured vehicle, accidents, theft or fire, floods, accidental third party property damages, and also include any legal liability of the insured. We offer full-fledged motor insurance cover that makes the policyholder stress-free.

Third Party Only

Being the best car insurance Kenya, we offer covers costs and damages to the third party property legal liabilities and bodily injuries. Being the best car insurance in Kenya, we provide the best and affordable basic coverage that is being a mandatory requirement for your car.

Extension Benefits

Our top car insurance Kenyan company recommends two enticing benefits on top of the basic car policy. They are the excess protector for their own damage and the political violence & terrorism (PVT) cover. If the customers don’t have an excess protector extension, they may be forced to pay high charges for the excess on the motor insurance policy.

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