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We are the best home insurance in Kenya offering affordable insurance plans to protect your property and its home contents against the damages caused by fire, burglary, flooding, and other unforeseen events. Our home insurance Kenyan company fully covers all expenses of the damage. It also includes your personal belongings such as laptops, Mobile Phones, Camera, etc.

Why Jaza Pay home insurance?

Being the best home insurance in Kenya, we offer comprehensive protection from difficult and unavoidable circumstances, and focus on ensuring safety to your home, its contents and your belongings.

Importance Features of Home Insurance

  • Ensure protection to the home and its contents
  • Protect you from the financial loss due to natural calamities
  • In case of theft and burglary
  • Cost-effective home insurance solutions
  • Protects you from lawsuits

Major Types of Home Insurance

Dwelling coverage

Jaza Pay offers home insurance policies for protecting the whole structure of the home including walls, doors & windows, ceilings, and other built-in appliances. The home insurance helps you to rebuild the home in case of a total loss (under policy limits), fire, natural calamities, breakdowns, theft, etc.

Contents coverage

As the best Kenyan home insurance agency, we provide financial support to the home belongings such as furniture, clothing, etc. We help you to repair or replace the contents. Fund will be provided for the value of each item as mentioned in the policy. The personal property coverage is of mainly two types. One is replacement cost coverage and the other is actual cash value coverage.

Personal liability coverage

The personal liability in home insurance includes the physical body injuries, property damage cover in case the property is damaged due to the recovered accident.

Other optional coverage

This includes a plethora of other home insurance coverage. You can avail earthquake insurance in case of a destructible earthquake. Flood insurance covers the home and its belongings if the area is prone to flood and this home insurance depends on the geographical location.

The insurance also comprises the ordinance or law insurance, roof replacement, and in case of a sewer or drain backup the insurance protects the home and property.

Home Insurance in Kenya

Home insurance offers coverage against various man-made disasters, compensation for damage of assets, protection against liability, etc. It is very necessary to have home insurance in Kenya to avail all these benefits and compensations.

Why is Home Insurance essential?

Home insurance offers coverage against natural calamities such as cyclones, floods, and earthquakes, which create major damage to property and life. A home insurance policy in Kenya offers coverage for the loss occurring to your home due to various causes. Apart from natural disasters, a home insurance policy also offers coverage for damages occurring due to man-made disasters like theft, fire, etc. It also offers coverage for temporary living expenses incase if your home is not in a good condition due to severe damage you can avail a home insurance policy in Kenya which can offer coverage or compensation for your living expenses on a temporary basis until your home is rebuilt or repaired. JIA is the best insurance company in Kenya which offers home insurance policies to get coverage against loss of assets like ornaments, clothes, furniture, electronic appliances, etc. JIA is the top insurance agency in Kenya which offers protection against liabilities by offering good insurance coverages. A home insurance policy in Kenya also offers protection in case of any liability which arises out of accidental damage occurring due to a third party member within the boundaries of your property.

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