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Corporate / SME Medical cover

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Corporate Insurance / SME Medical Cover

We are the best corporate insurance company offering customized and affordable corporate Insurance plans for corporate and SME medical covers to the company’s employees for their well-being and to protect their health. Being a responsible corporate insurance company, we make sure that our modular international corporate insurance plans are cost-effective, flexible, and adaptive for our clients.

Why Jaza Pay Corporate Insurance Company?

We provide the best corporate insurance plans and agile services that give extra benefits to your small and medium enterprises.

We protect your savings

Being the best corporate insurance Kenya, we help you to control the costs as we won’t raise the premium offer after your employees make the claim.

Secure online portal

Our corporate insurance company offers a secure online portal to help you in managing your business insurance covers and offer other services such as view details of insurance cover, setup and manage policies, add family members, create cover reports, and more.

Custom-made coverage

Our corporate insurance company Kenya offers tailored packages that suit your business needs.

Best Insurance Premium match

Our corporate insurance company tries our best to match with other cheaper quotes you get elsewhere.

Trusted and dedicated service

As we are the top corporate insurance company Kenya, we believe in offering the perfect corporate solutions for your business with utmost dedication and trust.

What Jaza Pay Corporate Insurance Company covers?

Our business corporate solutions and comprehensive packages are flexible and tailored to your unique business needs with a plethora of optional features. You can choose any corporate insurance plan based on your requirements and cost. As our corporate insurance company works seamlessly to support businesses and enterprises, we provide strong support to protect the employee’s financial base and security.

  • Complete employee access to superior in-patient and out-patient healthcare services
  • Best coverage for inpatient and day-patient treatment services
  • Accommodation facilities in private hospitals
  • Our corporate insurance Kenya offers outpatient treatment services such as special fees, charges for diagnostic tests and physiotherapy charges
  • Cash benefit for using the NHS
  • Policyholder can choose the hospital and consultation
  • Best comprehensive cancer cover
  • Best corporate insurance to protect your business and employees
  • Employees can add their families

We have various Insurance plans for corporate and SME medical covers to enable your company employees to access superior in-patient and out-patient healthcare services through various accredited healthcare service providers anytime they need to.

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